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Course highlights

• A complete professional dog grooming course for beginners to launch their own successful dog grooming business
• 20 days practical training at the Academy covering all aspects of dog grooming in an holistic manner
• Flexible timetables that suit you. Child friendly hours and Saturday only courses also available
• Small class sizes
• Hands on from day one
• OCN London Endorsed certificate from nationally recognised awarding body
• Canine first aid certificate
• Emmi teeth cleaning workshop
• Marketing seminar with Social Tails
• Paws Through The Doors support group 24/7
• No assignments or exams
• Payment plans available
The course is delivered in a way that gives students who suffer with anxiety or have had a bad experience in education, an option to train without the fear of exams and all theory is carried out in group discussions. This course is designed for complete beginners so no experience in dog grooming is required. We also don't require a passing grade in either Maths or English.

Our mission is to ensure every dog that comes to you not only looks good but comes away feeling great. Both our Endorsed and Accredited courses aim to give students a successful dog grooming business to cater for the everyday domestic family dogs. Our emphasis is on the dogs’ comfort and the importance of winning the hearts and minds of your dogs and customers rather than winning rosettes and ribbons. We train in a holistic manner and will encourage you to groom safely and to meet the dogs needs every time. You will cover all coat types and we ensure that you are confident with Spaniels and Cockapoos as these are your bread and butter!

After completion of the course, you will be confident grooming a huge range of breeds and all temperaments from puppy to senior, also reactive and challenging. You will be confident styling using clippers, scissors, de shedding tools and hand stripping. You will be able to offer your customers a choice of styles to meet their expectations ranging from a hand stripped border terrier to a teddy cut on a cockapoo. Our past students have successfully launched their own salons from garden sheds, log cabins, garages, pods, mobile vans and salons in the high street.

Please note there is no legal requirement to hold any qualification or to attend any training in the dog grooming industry. However, it is advised to do so to give yourself the skills and confidence required to enjoy a successful career.
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For more information call us on 01903 233059

For more information call us on 01903 233059