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1 – How do you become a professional dog groomer?
Currently there is no legal requirement or legislation to hold any formal qualification or training to set up as a professional dog groomer. However, we would strongly recommend you join a training programme to ensure you enjoy a safe and successful career. There is no best way to learn, as an adult you know how you shine the brightest. There are many personal factors to consider such as time, commitment, budget, past educational experiences and what feels right for you and your family at this crossroads in your life.
2 – What’s the difference between OCN London Endorsed and Bespoke Accreditation?
Our Level 3 Training Scheme is a OCN London Accredited course. These are non-regulated qualifications designed by an organisation and accredited by OCN London. Learners who join our course will receive recognition for their achievements from a nationally recognised awarding organisation – OCN London - who will quality assure the content and assessment of the course and award certificates of achievement to learners. Our Endorsed Training Scheme is assessed in-house and OCN gives the course their stamp of approval. Please note, our courses are not Ofqual regulated as dog grooming is not a regulated industry.
3 – How good will I be after 20 days?
Every student arrives with natural ability at different aspects of dog grooming. The course will give you all the knowledge and skills required to be a professional dog groomer. However, this is just the beginning of your journey, after completion of the course your destination is your choice! You must manage your own expectations and be prepared to practice, practice, practice! You will need to get yourself some family and friend’s dogs as models and be willing to offer discounts and promotions. You will be slower as you are new to this and at SCDGA you will learn that the dog’s welfare is paramount so taking it slowly is recommended so you’re learning, and development will continue. Once you pick up pace and gain confidence working alone you will be an asset to the dog grooming industry.
4 – How many dogs will I get to work on?
You will have hands-on experience from the off! With each coat type you will observe a demo, work in pairs, and work alone. You won't be thrown in the deep end but equally you are challenged so that you reach your potential. Over 50 dogs will visit the academy during your time there so you will experience every case scenario.
5 – How much can I potentially earn? Are there enough dogs out there?
This chosen career is flexible, so you can earn as much or as little as you need. Some students want to just do family and friends as a gentle income, other students are the main bread winner and need to earn £30k plus, both is realistic and achievable. There are more dogs now than ever, the dog industry is booming.
6 – What support is there for me after the course if I run into difficulties?
Rest assured you are not alone after the course. You will have built good relationships with the team at SCDGA and make friends with the other students, so everyone is there to help each other. We encourage you to refer to your notes and you can email us or message us and we can advise you or just give confidence that you are doing fine. You will also have access to our Facebook group Paws Through the Doors.

Paws Through the Doors is a membership support group on Facebook run by a team of experts that either work or have links to the Academy. We want all our students to be part of a friendly and informative community where you feel comfortable discussing the triumphs and challenges dog grooming can bring. The group will have on hand technical support, marketing advice, website management, equipment advice, 'how to' videos, podcasts, Q&A lives, written content, business accounting advice and more. This large range of helpful information can be searched which can be easily referred to through the search option.

Click on the links below to read Tails of the Unexpected Dog Groomer blog by one of our graduates, Samantha Hobden

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